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        Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office

        As the organizer of the teaching practices for the undergraduate students, the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office (UAAO) serves as a promoter of the quality evaluation on the construction of teaching resources and the cultivation of excellent undergraduates, and an executor of the designs and plans specially developed for the reforms in the teaching and education causes. Led by the CPC committee of Soochow University and related administrators, UAAO defines its objectives as improving the cultivation quality of the undergraduate and optimizing the learning and teaching styles of the university according to the general development outlook and plans of the institute. In terms of its major responsibilities, the office is responsible for making basic policies and plans for the cultivation of undergraduate students, coordinating the teaching and learning affairs, constructing the major planning and the evaluation systems for talent cultivation, developing and allocating teaching resources, and evaluating and accrediting educational programs. UAAO also runs the construction of undergraduate education projects, surveys and plans regarding the reforms in the teaching and education causes of undergraduate programs, and operates the management and services concerning the academic affairs of undergraduate students. As for the major pursuits, the office values proper plans, well-arranged operations, powerful guarantee and better services for teachers and students.  

        Providing general management services, including leave application, academic-year extension, suspension of schooling, resumption of schooling, dropout, school transferring, course selection, and delay of exams;
        Providing review services for the change of courses, the course substitution of students who changed their majors, and customized transcripts printing;
        Providing recommendation services for excellent students about furthering their graduate education with exemption from admission exams;
        Providing services for teachers in handling the organization, application and management of education reforms and related studies;
        Providing management services for practical instructions (internships & experiments) and graduation projects (theses);
        Providing the undergraduate students with research trainings and international exchanges;
        Providing services for the organization and coordination of undergraduates' applications for the exchanges (or additional credit earning) in other countries and regions, and for the affirmation of courses and credit transfer;
        Providing services for undergraduate overseas students to handle their academic affairs;
        And providing studying certificates (including transcript, and the certificates of schooling, degree and diploma) in both Chinese and English for the full-time undergraduates.

        Contact information
        Contacts´╝ÜZhou Yi
        Contact number: +86- 512-67166229
        Mailbox: suzhouyi@suda.edu.cn 

        Website: http://jwb.suda.edu.cn/

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