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        Graduate School

        The Graduate School is responsible for the planning and implementation of the construction schemes of Soochow University for postgraduate disciplines, degrees programs, teaching affairs, and advising teams. It also promotes and organizes the evaluation of the postgraduate education and manages the plans regarding the recruitment, cultivation, management, graduation, degree conferring, and vocational counsels of graduate students. Led by the administrators and the CPC committee of Soochow University, the Graduate School develops under the purposes of improving the cultivation quality of high-level talents, subject to the general development plans of the university. Taking charge of the affairs regarding the recruitment, cultivation, graduation, degree conferring, and employment of graduate students, the planning, management and development of the postgraduate programs of the university, and the selection and arrangement of supervisors, the department is also authorized with the rights to deal with the issues regarding the construction of disciplines in Soochow University, and the application, construction and management of state-level and provincial key disciplines. 


        Providing postgraduate candidates with recruitment counsels and admission result inquiries. 

        Providing everyday management services, including enrollment, leaves, academic-year extension, suspension of schooling, resumption of schooling, dropout, school transferring, course selection, and delay of exams;

        Providing graduate students with services like course-changing, course exemption, major- or supervisor-changing, credit recognition ad transcript-reviewing;

        Providing teachers and graduate students with services like the organization, application and management of teaching reforms and studies, and innovative practices;

        Providing services like the organization and coordination of graduates' applications for the exchanges in other countries and regions, and for the affirmation of courses and credit transfer;

        Providing graduate students with services like the evaluation of scholarships and employment dispatching;

        Providing graduate students with services like the issuing of student's identity card and the discount card for railway ticket.

        Providing various studying certificates (including transcript, and the certificates of schooling, degree and diploma) in both Chinese and English for graduate students. 

        Contact information
        Contacts: Yang Mu
        Contact number: +86- 512-65226420
        Mailbox: yangmu@suda.edu.cn

        Website: http://yjs.suda.edu.cn/

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