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        Security Department

        Led and supported by the administrators and leaders in the CPC committee of Soochow University, the Security Department, as a functional division established under the Scientific Outlook and directed by public security organs, defines its major responsibilities as providing services for the students, teachers and other faculty members in Soochow University. Focusing on the central tasks of the university, the department aims to promote the competences concerning the prevention, notice, control and treatment of cases and incidents by strictly implementing all the measures and practices for the comprehensive management of campus security. Under the principles of "prioritizing prevention, eliminating root causes and working out temporary and permanent solutions", and the objectives of "achieving orderly management, powerful controls, clean environment and stable and safe campuses", the security department made many positive efforts for the reforms and development of the university and the construction of a harmonious campus.


        Dealing with all kinds of chaos and emergencies promptly;

        Providing instructions, supervisions and coordination for the security management affairs of Soochow University.

        Holding various kinds of safety education activities;

        Providing preventions for all kinds of criminal cases, public safety cases and affairs, and various disasters and accidents.

        Providing supervisions and management of the fire safety affairs in the University;

        Facilitating the management of traffic safety in campuses, and the applications for Electronic Toll Collection of vehicles;

        Providing services like the technical defense of campus safety and security patrols.

        Managing the household registration certificates and collective household registration documents of faculty members and students;

        Assisting the handling of security affairs during flood, typhoon, earthquake, and other natural disasters. 

        Contact information
        Contacts: Zhu peipei
        Contact number: +86-512-65882139
        Mailbox: ppzhu@suda.edu.cn

        Website: http://bwc.suda.edu.cn/

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