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        Department of Human Resources

        The Department of Human Resources is set to handle the affairs regarding the construction of talent teams and the management of human resources of the university.

        As a functional department led by the CPC committee and administrators of the university, the Department of Human Resources, following the strategy of "boosting the development of the university with talents" and the working concepts of "building a talent-oriented management mode", is responsible for the construction of the talent teams of the university and the affairs regarding human resource management. With the purposes of building competitive, incentive and restrictive mechanisms beneficial for the strategies of attracting talents, retaining talents and developing talents, and setting up a good human resource environment favorable to the construction of teaching causes, scientific researches and disciplines, and the promotion of the enthusiasm and innovation ability of the faculty members, the department devotes itself to providing first-class management services to the faculty members, promoting performances and satisfaction, and providing human resources for the development of communities, teaching causes and scientific researches. In terms of its major responsibilities, the human resources department is expected to facilitate the team construction of all the faculty members, including preparing and implementing various talents plans and policies, checking the manning quotas of the university, making recruitment plans, job posting, and personnel evaluation, introducing talents, and controlling staff turnover. Besides, the department shall also deal with the businesses regarding the salary, welfare and attendance status of the staff, provide trainings for the faculty members, promote career development, and handle the affairs concerning the evaluation and appointments of various professionals.

        Managing the recruitment, appointment, evaluation and demission of various talents (including high-level personnel);
        Managing the transfer of registered permanent residence, and traceable services like the Foreign Expert Certificate and permanent residence permit.
        Managing the applications, providing traceable services and administrating various talent programs.
        Supporting the post-doctoral fellows with the formalities for entering, leaving and quitting related research stations, and making sure they are well managed and served when at related stations.
        Managing the payment of salaries, welfares and insurances of all the faculty members.
        Managing the position arrangement, appointment and post-appointment affairs of incumbent personnel.
        Supporting the evaluation and appointment of professionals, pre-job trainings and the accreditation of university teachers.
        Supporting the continuing education and the trainings and exchanges of incumbent teachers in other countries and regions.
        Managing the intramural recruitment and transfer, the reposition of redundant personnel, and the administration of personnel awaiting job assignments.
        Managing the issuing of various certificates of the faculty members.

        Contact information
        Contacts´╝ÜHe Wen
        Contact number: +86- 512-67503258
        Mailbox: sdrsc@suda.edu.cn

        Website: http://rsc.suda.edu.cn/

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