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        Finance Department

        The Finance Department is set to handle the financial management, accounting and auditing affairs of the university.

        As a primary institute for the financial management and accounting and auditing businesses of the university, the Finance Department in constituted by nine offices, including the Management Office of Budget; the Management Office of Special Fund, the Management Office of Research Fund, the Accounting Office, the Financial Office for Basic Construction, the Office for Accountant Appointment; the Management Office of Charging, the Auditing Office and the Comprehensive Office. Under the objectives of serving the teaching and researches, and the development of the university, the finance department raises funds from multiple channels legally, prepares the budget of the university reasonably, and promotes the efficiency of these funds positively. Besides, the department also monitors and manages the budget strictly and standardizing the economy order of the university by controlling systematic constructions internally and perfecting related financial rules and regulations. In addition, it also reflects the financial status of the university, and supervises relevant economic activities legally and reasonably.

        1. Providing services for the instructions, reviews and adjustments of the budget applications of special projects and scientific research projects; 
        2. Providing financial auditing services for the actual budgets needed for the final results of special projects and scientific research projects, and relevant mid-terms inspections.
        3. Providing general services like daily reimbursement and the issue of scholarships and student subsidies
        4. Providing the services related to payments and invoices
        5. Providing services like the registrations of salary cards and the inquiry about individual income tax.

        Contact information
        Contacts: Xiong Ye
        Contact number: +86-512-67500935
        Mailbox: xiongye@suda.edu.cn 

        Website: http://cwc.suda.edu.cn/

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