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        Department of Auditing

        As a functional department, the Department of Auditing of Soochow University is subject to the Chinese national laws and regulations as well as the rules and principles of superior authorities and of the university. Department of Auditing reviews and evaluates the propriety and effectiveness of the operational activities, and operates internal control and risk management of the university and its affiliated institutes. Constituted by three major offices, namely the Comprehensive Auditing Office, the Financial Auditing Office and the Project Auditing Office, the Department of Auditing shall prepare internal auditing systems and auditing specifications for the university, and audit the implementation of the university's financial budget, final accounts, and related efficiencies, and check the economic responsibilities of leaders at the department level. In addition, the department should also audit the budget enforcement, the financial revenues and expenditures and the performances of special funds issued under the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions and "Project 2011". Meanwhile, it also audits the financial conditions, economic benefits and the management situations of internal control of the exclusively-invested or holding enterprises and institutes of Soochow University. Besides, it is expected to audit the final accounts of the construction projects and the infrastructural projects of the university, trace the construction process of those infrastructural projects, evaluate the perfection and implementation status of the university's internal control system, review the executive conditions of auditing reports and auditing opinions, and management the contracts regarding the auditing business. 

        1. Helping with the audit of the funds for scientific researches;
        2. Providing consultancy concerning the auditing business.

        Contact Information
        Contacts: Li Le
        Contact number: +86-512-67502367
        Mailbox: lile@suda.edu.cn

        Website: http://audit.suda.edu.cn/

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