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        Soochow University National University Science Park Rated as A-LevelBusiness Incubation Basein Suzhou

        On the afternoon of November 27th, the final and the awarding ceremony of the 2019 "China┬ĚSuzhou" College students' Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition was successfully concluded. The list of 2018 A-level business incubation bases in Suzhou was announced on the spot. "The Business Incubation Base for College Students in Soochow University" administered by Soochow University National University Science Park won this honor.


        The Business Incubation Base for College Students in Soochow Universityis located in the south campus of the Dushuhu Campus of Soochow University. The total area is 4000 square meters. Its layout of systems and functions can meet the needs of entrepreneurial projects and teamsof different sizes andit is an important platform and carrier for Soochow University to provide innovative and entrepreneurial services, transform scientific and technological achievements, and serve local economic and social development.


        Relying on the internal and external resources of Soochow University, the base provides a low-cost, convenient, all-factor and open service platform of innovation and entrepreneurship for the students and alumniof Soochow University.Through continuous efforts, the incubation of students' entrepreneurial enterprises in the base has made certain achievements.Since 2015, 142 scientific and technological enterprises and 55 college students' start-ups have emerged. In addition, ten provincial high-tech enterprises and ten small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises have also been established.The base has helped enterprises obtain four programs of Gusu Angel project, two programs ofLeading Talents Plan in the Industrial Park, oneprogramof Leading Talents Plan in Gusu District, and four programs of Suzhou High-Quality Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship project. It has assisted students' businesses to invest and raise nearly 10 million. The series of activities of "Zishi" brand have been formed. More than 40 innovative and entrepreneurial activities and lectures have been held, and more than 500 people have received services. What's more, the base has organized enterprises in the base to participate in more than 100 national, provincial and municipal competitions, and these enterprises have won 25 municipal prizes, 12 provincial prizes and 10 national prizes.

        On the basis of continuing to rely on the scientific and educational resources of Soochow University, the Business Incubation Base for College Students in Soochow University will stimulate its innovative vitality, create a branded, specialized and industrialized operation mode of business incubation, and improve its influence, so as to make new contributions to the innovative and entrepreneurial work of the students of Soochow University.


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